CMMC Compliance Capabilities

The most crucial step towards a successful Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification assessment is being able to show evidence that you are meeting the standard requirements. If you are looking to jump-start your CMMC assessment readiness, then you have found the right place!

Our Services

CMMC Assessment

“I am ready for the CMMC assessment and need to get in contact with a Provisional Assessor!”
- Our Provisional Assessor will be among the first to be able to conduct CMMC Level 1-3 Assessments. Reef Systems is a CMMC-AB Cleared Candidate C3PAO, awaiting authorization to perform assessments.

Leadership Mentoring

“We are ready for our leadership to understand the new CMMC model and changes so they can lead our organization into the future”
- Reef Systems wants to help your company’s leadership to understand that CMMC compliance is not just about technology, but also about the processes and making sure the whole organization embraces protecting information. Your organization may have to adapt and change to uphold these standards. Leadership’s support and understanding of this process leads to a critical view of the organization as you are addressing all areas that need improvement to support the CMMC requirements.

Gap Assessment

“We understand that we need to follow CMMC Compliance for future contracts, but we don’t know where to start”
- Reef Systems can help companies from the ground up following an assessment of risks that need to be addressed or improved prior to the assessment. This will involve focusing on the CMMC compliance requirements and comparing them to what is currently in place, and what needs to be fixed to meet the standards. We will give you areas of improvement and map out what your company needs to fix to pass the CMMC assessment.

Remediation Services

“We have done a gap analysis and see what we need to fix, but don’t know how to map out a solution to fix this”
- Reef Systems has received direct training from the CMMC-AB, and we know exactly what the assessor will be looking at for your company to pass the assessment. Through our remediation services, we will look at your company’s current gap assessment and help resolve any final issues that would keep you from receiving the certification. This includes sitting down with you to help answer any questions or help with any specific issues in the different controls.

Team Awareness Training

“I have made all technical changes but need my employees to be on the same page about cyber hygiene”
- This service is specifically related to preparing your entire organization for CMMC. To ensure the continuous monitoring of the CMMC throughout the entire organization, Reef Systems offers team awareness training to help educate employees on cyber hygiene and on CUI. A lot of training is required from a security perspective and making sure your whole organization understands and is trained on the behavioral changes that need to take place.

Readiness Consulting

“I am ready for the audit and have remediated all the issues, come audit me”
- If you think you are ready to obtain the CMMC, Reef Systems offers pre-assessment help to double check that you have all the information and evidence needed to pass. This is to ensure that you are ready for an assessment and have everything you need prior to paying for the CMMC.

CMMC Level 3 Assessment Guide


This guide will be used by our Provisional Assessor to determine whether contractors satisfy the processes and controls required to obtain the CMMC. Visit or download a copy of the CMMC Level 3 Assessment guide below to begin to get an overview of your organization’s readiness for the CMMC!


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